The Rotting Husks

  • artist : Brandon Downey. © All rights reserved.
  • NIKON D700   24mm
    ISO 400  f/8  2 sec   Exposure Bias -1.0
  • Picasa Web Album Featured Photo

This photo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


9 thoughts on “The Rotting Husks

  1. It looks like a movie set. Great long exposure shot! Absolutely great! I have to stop taking the sleep at night and go out to hunt for some shots like that! I really love it, and I am very inspired! Where to get all the time to embrase everything in this world I want to try photographing or painting?
    Even though you are mentioning that soft blue on the background, I think the beauty is in that sense of depth through the thick fog(it might be came out as a fog), and all the warmth in the picture. Congratulations!

    • Dear Natalia
      You have a sharp observing eye. The photographer of the photo is telling about the situation at the time of shooting as follows.

      My father and I were out for a drive around the coast, and it was completely socked-in foggy. These two hulks had seen better days, but were lit in a crazy specular-but-not-quite way by flood lamps, scattered around by the fog.
      They’re also arranged so that the ships are complimentary to each other — where one ship almost echoes the other.

    • This photo was taken in a dry dock. You can see invisible parts hidden under the sea.
      Lights are turned on for safety, it has issued a unique atmosphere, and because they
      are photographed by a wide-angle lens, shape are deformed. But it is very fresh.

    • The characteristics of this photo has been generated from the subjects, lens which is used, shooting distance, and lighting.
      Especially, the light of the rear of the ship which is tinged with blue gives an atmosphere very much.

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